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Proper disposal of abandoned vehicles

If you have to dispose of your vehicle, please do not leave them on the road or land.  Under Hong Kong law,  the vehicle owner is responsible for the proper handling of the vehicle to be abandoned.   This page aims to clarify on how you should handle your vehicle to be abandoned.

After properly handling the abandoned vehicle(scrapped), the owner needs to bring all the required documents to the Transport Department office within 15 days to cancel the registration of the abadoned vehicle. If the registered owner of abandoned vehicles fail to apply for the registration cancellation procedures, the vehicle owner must take responsibility for all possible liabilities arising.
Proper procedures for abandoned vehicles

Proper procedures for abandoned vehicles

If you intend to scrap your own vehicle, you can:

1.  Sell your vehicle to a commercial car scrapping or recycling company; or
2.  Bring your vehicle to the Government Abandoned Vehicle Surrender Centre.

1.Selling your vehicle to a commercial car scrapping or recycling companie

Should you decide to sell your vehicle to a commercial car scrapping or recycling company, please note the following:

(1)  Keep the original copy of the vehicle registration document and the original copy of the vehicle license;
(2) Collect a scrapping certificate or receipt from the car scrappping company.
(Make sure the business registration number of the car scrapping company is printed on the scrapping certificate or receipt.);
(3) Within 15 days, bring the following documents to the licensing department of the Transport Department to cancel your vehicle registration:
  a.  Original copy of vehicle registration document;
  b.  Original copy of vehicle licence(if the vehicle license is still in valid);
  c.  (i)  Original copy of Scrapping certificate or receipt(if vehicle is scrapped);or
    (ii)  Delivery or export documents (if the car has been exported);
  d.  (i)  Identification of the vehicle owner(If the vehicle is privately owned, please bring your Hong Kong Identification; Passport for Non Hong Kong resident and business registration certificate if it is a company vehicle.
    (ii)  If the registration cancellation is done by another authorized individual other than the owner.  The authorized individual is required to bring his/her orginal HK ID along with a photocopy of the vehicle owner's HK ID;
  e.  Complete form「Cancellation of Vehicle Registration」。 (TD-184)

TD_184 Can be downloaded at the Transport Department website or click here (TD 184)

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